Calculate Your Costs with e3

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Step 1 - Operating Costs

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Step 2 - Compare Tractors

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Nebraska/OECD Tractor Test 1899A Nebraska/OECD Tractor Test 2496
Max PTO Power 242.84 Max PTO Power 242.3
Rated PTO HP 203.97 Rated PTO HP 212.7
Fuel Consumption gallons/hour 14.70 Fuel Consumption gallons/hour 12.15
Total Annual Fuel Cost ($) 91875.00 Total Annual Fuel Cost ($) 75937.50
Fuel Cost per HP ($) 0.151 Total Annual DEF Cost ($) 2542.39
Total Annual Fuel Cost ($) 78479.89

Your Savings

Net Fuel Saving with e3 Technology ($) 13395.11
Net Fuel Saving with e3 Technology (%) 15
Fuel Cost per HP ($) 0.130
Net Fuel Saving per HP (%) 13.9
Net Fuel Saving per HP per Year ($) 10908.70
*Based on Nebraska OECD Tractor Tests of fuel consumption at Max. PTO Power (HP hr./gal.) and Rated PTO HP (HP hr./gal.). Comparisons were between tractors within four model categories of row crop tractors 200 to 300 P.T.O horsepower.