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Farmers share stories about the positive impacts of Massey Ferguson equipment

Massey Ferguson Increases Productivity of South American Farmers

AGCO technologies are helping farmers around the world keep up with global agricultural progress and development. In South America, for instance, farmers report that Massey Ferguson reliability, efficiency and user-friendliness empowering them to improve crop quality and productivity.

The Giuliani brothers use Massey Ferguson technologies to increase the profitability of their crops in southern Brazil.  “Our big problem here in the region is finding skilled labor, so we invest in more modern tractors,” said Alberto Giuliani Neto, a veterinarian and production director at Formosa Agropecuária. The brothers use three Massey Ferguson harvesters, eight MF 7140 tractors, one MF 7350 and other MF 4200 series tractors to farm soybeans, rice, corn and ryegrass.

Thiago Rodas, a 28-year-old orange and sugar cane agronomist in São Paulo, Brazil, agreed that Massey Ferguson technologies improve his farm’s quality and productivity. “This cutting-edge equipment offers greater comfort to the user and ensures better performance, precision and quality in the field,” he explained. 

Pedro Luis dos Santos, also a São Paulo sugar cane farmer, added, “This line is very good for service in both lighter and heavier [work]. The MF 7180 and MF 7140 power decreases working time and provides higher throughput, which means I can work on larger areas and produce more in less time.”