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Our approach to long-term economic, social and environmental sustainability is aligned with our vision to provide high-tech solutions for professional farmers feeding the world. AGCO aims to promote sustainable and profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment. Corporate sustainability goals have been established to impact each link in our product’s impact lifecycle, and they fall into four focus areas: our operations, our customers, our suppliers, and our communities. These areas are AGCO’s priorities, and they have been developed with clear strategic intent to drive direction and focused impact.


When it comes to our operations, we will systematically and continuously improve efficiency, reduce waste and build a healthy, productive workforce. AGCO has established reduction targets, and it is our corporate goal to reduce water and energy consumption, and better the waste management practices of our manufacturing sites. It is through such corporate goals, and also through our product design and technology that we are driving agriculture sustainability.
In addition to AGCO’s commitment to increased efficiency, we also value the health and safety of our workforce. All staff are trained in basic health and safety specific to their roles, and health and safety data is tracked and reported to senior management. AGCO health and safety standards are applied globally, including where they exceed local requirements. And, In order to continuously improve the safety of our employees, the AGCO Production System (APS) IDEAS program works to implement safety improvement suggestions from employees on site.

Lastly, AGCO seeks to create a culture that fosters diversity and good business practices. AGCO adheres to an ethics and compliance program that ensures we act from our board of directors to every employee. This promotes an atmosphere of trust and accountability throughout our operational structure. Learn about how we conduct business


AGCO works to leverage opportunities that will allow our customers to experience higher profitability. We strive to continuously provide the products & services our customers need to prosper over the long term. Along with enabling farmers to increase the technology in their farming practices, we work towards providing them with solutions to better farm productivity and soil health by facilitating reductions in the use of water, fertilizer, and chemicals.

Today, farmers are using our proven technology to save fuel, manage chemical and fertilizer applications, increase crop yield, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Take for example AGCO’s advances in transmission and engine technology as seen in the e3 engine. The e3 engines result in cleaner emissions, improved economics, and reliable performance. This is just one example of how AGCO is providing high-tech solutions for professional farmers feeding the world.


AGCO's supplier relationships are vital to our business. Procurement practices and supply chain management significantly impact a firm’s long-term competitiveness and its ability to create value for shareholders and stakeholders alike. It is our aim to foster long term profitability through high performance in quality, ethics and environmental standards among our suppliers. We believe this can be achieved by strengthening long-term relationships with our preferred suppliers.

We will also work to promote high labor standards and an ethical business climate throughout our supply chain. AGCO will at all times comply with applicable government regulations and contractual requirements, and when feasible, will encourage, establish and maintain competition. For more information about our supplier expectations and standards, please see our Supplier Code of Conduct and our Conflicts Minerals Policy.


Corporate Citizenship has been long imbedded into the fabric of the lives and in the histories of AGCO, our customers, prospects, and distribution network. We value community relations and consider it a profound investment for our stakeholders. To attain and maintain impact for our community involvement, we focus our resources in four major areas: Food Supply, Education, Health & Safety, and Environmental Sustainability.

AGCO works with the global farming community which produces the world's food, fiber and fuel. We have adopted a shared value principle in philanthropic efforts to focus our contributions to make an impact in the areas we can bring the most value to. We will use our knowledge and assets to proactively invest in programs to positively strengthen communities where we operate while growing our business.


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