Relevant Technology

Farming is a universal pursuit around the globe. Yet, a wheat farmer in Russia faces vastly different challenges than a sugarcane producer in Brazil or a wine grower in France. For this reason, a cornerstone of AGCO's global multi-brand strategy is to develop relevant technology that meets the needs of specific farming regions.

AGCO's strategy for relevant technology is supported by our dealer network and our research and development teams who listen to our customers and turn their needs into products and features that solve practical farming challenges.

An example of AGCO's strategy of tailored technology is the Massey Ferguson MF 9030 sprayer. This innovative solution is locally manufactured and developed at the Massey Ferguson manufacturing facility in Canoas, Brazil. Our South America voice of the customer inputs were used to create a sprayer that specifically met the needs and farming practices in South America. The machine was designed to maintain wheel contact with the soil at any topography, absorb the irregularities of the ground and ensure maximum traction and spray bar stability, regardless of the application speed.

In another example, Valtra now offers a specialized guidance system that's relevant to South American sugarcane producers. Developed through a unique collaboration between AGCO Advanced Technology Solutions, the advanced technology supplier Topcon, and the Santa Fé Sugarcane Mill in São Paulo, Brazil, the system uses automated guidance to increase planting capacity by optimizing rows. It also reduces fuel consumption and helps increase the longevity of the sugarcane.

"We wanted to offer a comprehensive solution for mechanized production of sugarcane and we found a good partner with interest in investing in and adopting new relevant technologies," says Jak Torretta, AGCO Products Director in South America.