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Fuse™ Technologies

AGCO is a global provider of agriculture solutions through a unique offering of brands and products that deliver the AGCO vision of “High tech Solutions for Professional Farmer’s Feeding the World.”

The Fuse Technologies strategy aims to deliver on three key customer benefits that help farm operations run more efficiently:

Always running… Optimized
To maximize productivity, growers need all their farm assets running at optimum efficiency.  Fuse Technologies helps minimize downtime while improving the overall farm enterprise through wireless connectivity and diagnostic services. From machinery to grain storage solutions, Fuse can help anyone run a smarter, more profitable enterprise.

Right place, Right time… Coordinated
Ensuring that equipment and resources know where they need to be, and how and when to be there, is critical to keeping an operation moving.  Fuse Technologies provides connectivity tools that help growers manage and communicate with their equipment, mobile or stationary, making sure they are in the right place at the right time and working together – regardless of brand.

Connecting the Crop Cycle… Seamlessly
Farming is a year-round business.  From planting to growing to harvesting, Fuse Technologies provides seamless connectivity across a grower’s farm enterprise and throughout each step of the crop cycle. Keeping growers in constant contact with their AGCO dealer and the other trusted advisors that they rely on to help make the right decisions throughout the year.

Fuse will deliver on these benefits through five pillars that underscore the Fuse strategy:

AGCO Brands

AGCO is a global provider of agriculture solutions through a unique offering of brands and products that deliver the AGCO vision of “High-tech Solutions for Professional Farmers Feeding the World". Behind these brands and superior machines stand the AGCO employees delivering a commitment to innovation and quality of work.

You can count on AGCO for brands that feature the latest technology to get the job done more efficiently and more productively.

AGCO On and Off Board Technologies

AGCO’s current and future “On and Off Board Technologies” give you greater visibility and connectivity across your operations. This allows you to seamlessly integrate all your farm assets – resulting in higher yields, less input costs and greater profits.

Find specific product offerings in the following technology categories:

-Guidance & Autonomy
-Telematics & Data
-Service Tools and Diagnostics
-Seeding & Application Controllers
-Yield Metering & Advanced Sensors
-Displays & Mobile Apps
-Grain Storage Monitoring

AGCO Support and Training

At AGCO, we believe that our technology is only as good as the people behind it. A new global customer contact center and leading-edge product training means you get the expertise and answers to run your operation more efficiently.

AGCO Dealers

One of the world’s most extensive dealer networks gives you global access and support – any time, any place.

Our AGCO dealers are committed to ensuring that your expectations for product uptime and performance are exceeded.

AGCO Service Providers

Fuse Technologies will enable our customers to connect with their preferred service providers and enjoy the freedom and convenience to continue working with existing, trusted local business partners.


From enterprise planning, field prep, planting and seed growth to application control, harvesting and grain storage, Fuse Technologies help farmers operate efficiently for maximum yields. View more about our specific on and off board technologies here.

Enterprise Planning

AGCO knows that having the right tools to plan what will be executed in the field is critical for your operation and for the end results. To ensure the success of this part of the operation AGCO has partnered with multiple Ag Software providers to allow you to manage your operations efficiently and productively.

Field Preparation

Knowing that the success of a healthy crop is a combination of multiple factors including soil preparation, AGCO has developed multiple technologies that allow you to prepare your fields in the right way for the planting season.


Planting is one of most critical phases of farming; seeds and inputs need to be planted and applied at the right time and at the right amount to produce the desired results during harvesting. AGCO has a variety of products that can make it easier for you, from guidance to rate and section controllers we have all.

Application Control

In the past, farmers often had to rely on anecdotal and imprecise guess-work to determine when and how to apply treatments to growing crops. With today’s precision agronomics and advanced understanding of soil science, farmers know the reasons why their fields are not producing at the expected levels, and can make decisions to change it year after year.

AGCO’s crop input management systems allows operators to turn the “art of farming into the science of farming” by putting the right product on the right place, at the right time, and at the right amount.


After all the work (planning, field preparation, planting, and crop care), harvesting is one of the most rewarding phases of farming. Farmers carefully harvest the results of hard work and good management decisions. To monitor yields and crop quality AGCO has developed multiple products that provide the data that customers need for high output harvesting. From yield monitoring systems to moisture sensors, AGCO has the right solutions for you.

Grain Storage

After harvest, farmers need trusted places to store their assets. AGCO is the only agricultural machinery company in the world that also offers grain storage solutions for customers. AGCO core brand Grain Systems Inc. (GSI) offers a safe and monitored place to store the results of your work.


AGCO's Advanced Technology Solutions department supports all AGCO brands and incorporates all the function control and precision farming technologies developed, manufactured, distributed and supported by AGCO Corporation and its subsidiaries worldwide. Bringing these technologies together into one group means a number of centers of excellence can share expertise to provide further synergies for the benefit of farmers and agronomy providers alike.

AGCO’s current and future products give our customers greater visibility and connectivity across their operations. The result is more efficiency, less input costs and greater profitability.

- Guidance & Autonomy
- Telematics & Data
- Service Tools and Diagnostics
- Seeding & Application Controllers
- Yield Metering & Advanced Sensors
- Displays & Mobile Apps
- Grain Storage Monitoring


Fuse Technologies is supported by sales and technical training for our dealers as well as robust product support.

In December 2013 the new Global Fuse Contact Center was launched – a new customer support resource that will assist customers with setup, calibration, and operational support on AGCO precision agriculture and machine communication technology products. Click here to learn more.

You may also click here to locate your nearest dealer for additional support needs.
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AGCO is proud to be a founding partner of the PrecisionAg Institute, an independent forum devoted to the sharing of precision agriculture practices, ideas, research, products, services and success stories. The Institute's mission is to foster technology transfer, wider adoption and increasingly effective use of precision agriculture technology worldwide.

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