The TerraGator product line was introduced by the Ag-Chem Equipment Company in 1973 with the first three-wheel applicator featuring high floatation tires. A five-wheel applicator, nearly twice the size of the original model, was introduced in 1976 to meet the needs of customers with larger operations. Other models followed with various tire configurations and specifications to help operators increase efficiency and productivity.

Since AGCO's acquisition of Ag-Chem in 2001, the TerraGator product line has been continually updated and enhanced. Today, AGCO Application Equipment offers the highest capacity, highest performance applicator on the market.

TerraGator products are specially designed to apply fertilizer, protective farm chemicals and nutrients to the field. Application choice is a prime reason why many professional farmers choose the product. They can select from air and spinner spreaders as well as liquid systems.

TerraGator applicators can also be equipped with advanced systems from AGCO Advanced Technology Solutions, such as the Falcon II controller to assist professional farmers with precision farming, data management, and compliance with environmental regulations.


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