AGCO helps producers comply with final emissions requirements while maintaining engine efficiency and power

Tier 4 Engine Strategy Features Dual Technologies to Reduce Emissions and Deliver Power

The Tier 4 Final / Stage IV engine emissions strategy for AGCO POWER diesel engines includes an updated after-treatment system that offers farmers reduced emissions without compromising power, efficiency or fuel economy. As Matt Rushing, AGCO Director of Product Management, Global Electronics and Global Engines, explained, “We wanted to develop a solution that would bring farmer input costs down, allow us to increase power levels and lower fluid consumption — all while offering reliable emissions reduction technology.”

AGCO POWER engines complement Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology with cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (cEGR) technology in select >130 KW engines to address Tier 4 Final / Stage IV engine requirements. The fuel economy benefits of this technology allow AGCO POWER engines to offset fluid consumption and meet Tier 4 Final standards to reduce particulate and nitrous oxide emissions by 90%. The cEGR technology further ensures emissions compliance while minimizing fuel consumption and improving power balance.

Fluid consumption on machines equipped with these solutions is estimated at 1 to 3% better in Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) consumption and the same or better in fuel use as Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIb engines. AGCO’s experience with SCR technology over the previous 4 years enabled us to adapt our engines to the expectations and infrastructure requirements of SCR, while providing fluid efficiency and maintaining the power and torque our customers need.

“AGCO knows this technology well. We were the first to launch SCR technology in the off-road market in North America and have many years of working experience with both emission reduction technologies,” said Rushing. Since the launch of the e3 SCR technology in 2009, AGCO has led the industry in the continued development and improvement of SCR technology and has worked with partners to establish the DEF and AdBlue® infrastructure that supports SCR technology use. 

Customers will be able to operate their Tier 4 Final/Stage IV AGCO equipment without any additional maintenance demands. Martin Richenhagen, Chairman, President and CEO of AGCO, stated, “We are confident that this is the best solution for both our customers and the environment. At AGCO, we are proud to deliver compliance without compromise. Our e3 solution delivers exactly what modern agriculture demands — cleaner emissions, improved economics and reliable performance.”