AGCO Sustainability Initiative Launches

AGCO Promotes Sustainable and Profitable Growth

It is important for AGCO to promote sustainable and profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment. Building upon those promises, AGCO has recently launched a sustainability initiative that is directly aligned with the vision to provide high-tech solutions for professional farmers feeding the world.
AGCO listened to the thoughts and concerns of various stakeholders, including customers, employees, and investors and set a strategic roadmap for a sustainability initiative.
AGCO’s sustainability strategy has been developed with a clear intent to improve the profitability of the business while having a positive impact on the world. AGCO will focus on four priority areas:

AGCO will systematically and continuously improve efficiency, reduce waste and a build healthy, productive workforce.
AGCO will provide the products and solutions our customers need to prosper over the long term.
AGCO will foster high performance in quality, ethics and environmental standards among suppliers.
AGCO will help create prosperous communities where we and our customers operate.

AGCO is now in the process of developing specific programs for each priority area. For example, in operations AGCO will reduce the energy consumption to generate cost savings in the short term, and protect the company from rising energy costs in the long term. For Customers, AGCO will improve the operational efficiency while protecting the environment by continuing to provide products that optimize the use of inputs such as chemicals and water. AGCO will work with the Suppliers to develop the management and operational capabilities, which will improve the efficiency and drive down input costs. Finally, for the Communities, AGCO will be an excellent corporate citizen by reaching out to others. This will produce good will for AGCO and help secure strong support for our activities.