Accelerating Investments in Africa's Agricultural Revolution

AGCO is committed to transforming agriculture in Africa.

Africa is moving into an agricultural revolution – and AGCO is there to accelerate the movement forward. AGCO continues to be actively engaged in Africa with a developed strategy that focuses on investment in human capital to improve farming know-how while helping with the move toward mechanization.

Tapping Africa’s Potential
Africa has a huge growth potential in the agricultural sector because nowhere else in the world is there such an abundance of untapped resources. A total of 15 percent of the world’s arable land lies in Africa, of which more than 80 percent remains uncultivated. That is a major driver for AGCO to be engaged in the World Economic Forum’s Grow Africa Initiative and why, for example, we are committed to the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition of the Group of Eight (G8) member countries. Currently, the majority of power for farming in Africa comes through animals or human hands. This not only severely limits productivity, but it also makes agriculture an unattractive occupation where hard work yields so little return.

AGCO’s Third Africa Summit on Agriculture: Innovation in the Field
To continue to bring Africa agriculture thought leaders together, AGCO held our third annual AGCO Africa Summit, “Agriculture in Africa – Innovation in the Field,” January 20 in Berlin, Germany. Building on the success of previous AGCO Africa Summits which shared the agricultural vision then moved the vision to action, the 2014 event focused on innovation. Important pieces of this agricultural revolution revolve around using technology and science to overcome Africa’s agricultural challenges while wisely investing in the opportunities to raise Africa’s agricultural productivity levels for all farmers. 

With the aid of mechanization in farming, the amount of land farmed is greater; yields are up — and economic benefits like increasing the efficiency of labor, reducing costs, and improving the quality of cultivation are realized. The social benefits are many, to include reducing drudgery and workloads, improving safety, gaining prestige, and encouraging younger and more innovative people to remain in rural areas and work on the land.

AGCO in Africa
AGCO continues to collaborate on establishing further demonstration farms and training centers in different African countries. These facilities allow local farmers and dealers to be trained on new farming technology. Currently, Zambia has an AGCO Future Farm and Training Center already operating, which yielded its first harvest of maize and soybeans in 2013. A key component to the success at Zambia’s Chalimbana Farm and Training Center is the strong partnerships that have been forged. The purpose of these partnerships is to bring together subject matter experts from various backgrounds that can create a roadmap to educate and train farmers on how to increase their agricultural productivity.

Recently, AGCO started a joint venture with companies owned by the Algerian government to locally produce Massey Ferguson tractors. This venture will continue to build on innovation in the field and mechanization, plus will encourage farmers in becoming more productive.