AGCO Donates Tractor to Kabale Trinity College in Uganda

AGCO boosts sustainable nutrition through donation of Massey Ferguson tractor.

The Plant-A-Seed Foundation, based in Modesto, California, teamed up with AGCO to make a difference for the students of the Kabale Trinity College in Uganda. AGCO recently donated a MF 435 tractor with a disk plow and disk harrow to the students. The tractor was shipped to Uganda and delivered to the college and will be used for many applications, including tilling fields, moving materials, and transporting crops to the school and to market.

In 2007, Plant-A-Seed purchased 20 acres of land and a local farm that produces bananas, pineapples, corn and goats in order to improve the student’s daily diets and generate additional income for the college. The Massey Ferguson 435 is a particularly robust model that can be used in challenging environments like Uganda. Massey Ferguson tractors have been used in Africa for many decades, so a maintenance and support infrastructure is already in place.

"Our mission is to enable creative projects that are inspiring, well planned and will ultimately be self-sustaining," explained Rick K. Gray, President and CEO of Plant-A-Seed Foundation. “This Massey Ferguson tractor is going to help bring more food to the tables and also to the local communities around the school.”

"We are very pleased to donate a tractor for a good cause that makes a positive difference for the students at Kabale Trinity College," said Martin Richenhagen, Chairman, President and CEO of AGCO. “We are very fortunate to be in a unique position to help feed the world.”