Converting bio-renewable resources into horsepower

AGCO demonstrates how up to 80 percent of engine power can be generated from renewable biogas on a farm in Sweden.

In nature everything cycles, so it only makes sense to power agricultural equipment with a sustainable byproduct of farming - biogas. All organic materials can be used for production of biogas - especially farming byproducts which include manure and waste from crops.

As part of AGCO's ongoing commitment to sustainable technology, AGCO has developed a Valtra N101 biogas demonstration tractor. Without making any changes to the original diesel engine, 70-80% of the power is generated by biogas. AGCO's Valtra brand and AGCO SISU POWER, AGCO's innovative engine division, are currently testing this innovative tractor in Sweden.

The dual-fuel engine functions like a diesel engine. The gas is injected with the intake air, and combustion occurs when a small amount of diesel fuel is injected into the cylinder. If biogas is not available, the engine can run completely on diesel fuel.

The Valtra N101 is designed as an all-purpose tractor for farms, municipalities and contractors who have access to biogas at the job site. The biogas cylinders are safely situated in accordance with EC vehicle regulations.

The first test model of the 110 HP tractor has capacity for 170 liters of biogas, sufficient for about four hours of work. At 200 bar pressure, the biogas corresponds to approximately 30 litres of diesel fuel.

"Using state-of-the-art technology, both the diesel and gas injection systems have their own electronically controlled common rail, which allows the ratio between the diesel and biogas to be optimized," explains Jari Rautjärvi, Managing Director of Valtra.

"The development of the biogas tractor and generator demonstrates the desire of AGCO to create solutions that allow renewable natural resources to be utilized efficiently," says Martin Richenhagen, AGCO Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer.