GSI Supports Farmers' Need for Efficiency

GSI offers solutions that support farmers' need for efficiency, control and peace of mind

As AGCO’s newest core brand, GSI’s long and proud history of supporting farmers has accelerated as a member of the AGCO family. Together AGCO and GSI continue to demonstrate that they are aggressive global innovators of agricultural solutions, offering technology based products that impact many sectors of the agricultural industry.

GSI is the leading manufacturer of grain storage systems and a full line supplier of swine and poultry production equipment. GSI equipment is constantly evolving to give you more control, with less complexity, over your operation. “Technology continues to change farming practices. At GSI we are integrating technology into our product designs to provide industry leading reliability, efficiency, and ease of use” Jeff Feldkamp, GSI’s Director of Engineering – North America.

GSI Grain Systems are designed to give you control over your operation and returns on your investments. Whether you store grain on your own farm or through your local elevator, GSI supports you with quality products and services by providing a complete line of durable storage, drying and material handling equipment. With the largest product offering available to them, GSI Dealers can create a system designed to meet your farm’s specific needs, no matter your size. GSI equipment and control systems have continued to evolve with technology, allowing you to monitor your system and stay in control no matter where you are. GSI Grain Systems empower you to start your harvest earlier, control your harvest schedule, and market your grain when and where you choose, allowing you to capture premium prices when the time is right. With GSI, you get products that not only save you money, but make you money.

GSI Protein equipment, through its Automated Production Systems (AP) and Cumberland brands, deliver swine and poultry farmers a full line of reliable and efficient solutions.  GSI provides growers with feed storage and delivery systems designed to perform in the harsh environment of livestock production facilities while optimizing feed conversions to maximize profits.  Providing the ideal environmental conditions is essential in maintaining health and achieving the reproductive and growth potential of both swine and poultry.  GSI provides a full line of durable and energy efficient heating, cooling and ventilation products combined with sophisticated, yet simple to operate, control systems that monitor and maintain the environment while providing offsite access and notification of any problems that arise.  Animal agriculture is a twenty-four hour a day job and swine and poultry producers rely on GSI’s rugged products, industry leading support and trained Dealer network to provide peace of mind and a return on their investment.

As global populations continue to grow, the need for more innovative and efficient grain, poultry, and swine production equipment will become increasingly important. GSI is positioned to support this ever growing demand. Committed to delivering comprehensive solutions, GSI supports farmers around the world by continuously providing you with equipment that works as hard as you do.

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