AGCO University


In order to develop and promote our global talent, we established AGCO University. The purpose of AGCO University is to create a structural conduit to provide our people with skills, education and continuing development. This employee education initiative provides training resources to strengthen skills in management and leadership through AGCO University classroom and e-learning courses. AGCO University is both an investment in our employees and our company.

Simply Management I

Simply Management is a core curriculum class offered through AGCO University. It is based on a book written by AGCO’s Chairman, President, and CEO; Martin Richenhagen. The goal of this class is to provide consistent management training in a style that aligns with AGCO’s Vision, Mission and Values. The course focuses on AGCO’s core management philosophy and the seven Simply Management principles.

  • Management Principles
  • Goal Setting and Planning
  • Organizational Fundamentals
  • Governance and Controls
  • Employee Development and Advancement Review
  • Motivation
  • Applying Simply Management Techniques

Simply Management II

Simply Management II was developed to provide additional in-depth study applying the Simply Management I philosophy to situations that may occur in the workplace. This training course focuses on:

  • Provide application based learning, reinforcing Simply Management I concepts
  • Promote consistent management philosophy relating to management practices throughout the organization
  • Provide a learning experience with consideration to regional needs and encourage cross functional relationships
  • Provide participants an opportunity to share experiences and information about successful management practices

Cultivating Our Leaders

The Cultivating Our Leaders program provides insight and awareness into the attendee's leadership qualities and provides hands on tools for development. It is important to have a clear and consistent leadership approach and style at AGCO.  To meet growth challenges we must be focused, have strong communication and achieve results. This course focuses on these areas and objectives:

  • Creating High Performance in our teams
  • Nurturing Top Talent
  • Gain commitment on decisions
  • "See" how our attitude determines our actions
  • Coaching and feedback

    AGCO Academy

    The AGCO Academy provides coursework and training to our network of independent dealers, through the latest technological training techniques and instructor led training.

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    Comprehensive Training Improves Customer Productivity

    Dedication and hard work, along with several new product introductions, are the key drivers behind the East Asia Pacific region's strong growth in 2008. The sales and marketing team provided a program of training focused on new models. Attended by a record number of dealers and customers, this training resulted in strong appreciation by both audiences.

    "In Australia we set a new record for volume of parts sales and still maintained a high fill rate. As a result, customers obtained the parts they needed on time. There are still great opportunities to grow, and we hope to achieve this by continuing to offer training, thereby continuing to improve our customers' productivity with AGCO products."

    -AGCO’s Vice President and Managing Director East Asia Pacific