Office of Ethics and Compliance

Alertlines and Whistleblower Protection

Each of us is committed to the principles set out in the Global Code of Conduct. We are all responsible for raising concerns about possible violations of the law, the Global Code of Conduct or other AGCO policies. Raising or helping to address an integrity concern takes courage. AGCO will not tolerate retaliation against anyone for reporting or providing information that he or she reasonably believes to be a violation. Retaliation is grounds for discipline, up to and including dismissal. Set out below are the current Alertline telephone numbers and website.

AGCO Alertline Numbers and Website (

The numbers with a (*) require a two-step dialing process. When using a Direct Access (DA) code + toll-free phone number to dial, you must first enter the DA code and then wait until you hear the AT&T tone before entering the toll-free phone number. The message you hear before the AT&T tone will likely be in English, but the message you hear after entering the toll-free phone number should be in the language you have selected. Please be patient while we obtain an interpreter to assist with your phone call, as it could take up to five minutes to get all parties on the line. Please be aware some of the Alertlines may be only accessible via Landline, or Mobile, not both. Collect lines (^) can be dialed from mobile and land lines in some countries.

AGCO will treat reports as confidentially as possible and will share the information only as necessary to facilitate a prompt and thorough investigation of our report.

The AGCO Alertlines:
Argentina 0800-666-1596
Australia 800-42-2614
Austria (*) 0-800-200-288 + 8553227052
Belgium (*) 0-800-100-10 + 8553227052
Brazil 0800-891-4045
Canada 1-866-680-3083
China 10-800-711-0775 or
Czech Republic 800-142-454
Denmark 80-883496
Finland 0800-1-19069
France 0800-90-5440
Germany 0800-182-4842
Hungary 06-800-20-403
India 000-800-100-1504
Italy 800-787258
Luxembourg (*) 800-201-11 + 8553227052
Malaysia 1-800-81-6496
Mexico 001-866-838-4504 or
New Zealand (*) 000-911 + 8553227052
Netherlands 0800-022-4643
Norway 800-18836
Poland (*) 0-0-800-111-1111 + 8553227052
Portugal (*) 800-800-128 + 8553227052
Russia Landline: 9 or 0 810-1-877-861-6684 or
Mobile: 9 or 0 816-1-877-861-6684
Singapore 800-110-2009
South Africa 0800-988-823
Spain 900-97-1004
Sweden 020-790222
Switzerland 0800-56-1991
Taiwan 00801-104409
Turkey (*) 0811-288-0001 + 8553227052
Ukraine (*) 800-502-886 + 8553227052
United Kingdom 0800-028-1837
United States 1-866-680-3083
Zambia (^) 704-552-1823 or