The success of AGCO Corporation and its subsidiaries is due primarily to the quality of our products and the conduct of our business on the highest ethical, moral and legal planes. Ethical conduct is the highest form of loyalty to AGCO. Fundamentally, AGCO places its confidence in its employees and in their strict adherence to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

This Code summarizes the principles for business conduct and ethical behavior for all of the employees, officers and directors of AGCO and its subsidiaries. It is the responsibility of every employee, officer and director of AGCO to know and accept these principles.

This Code reflects several specific policies adopted by the Company. However, AGCO also has a number of other policies that are not expressly referenced in this Code. Compliance with all of these policies is an important aspect of compliance with this Code.

This Code applies to AGCO and all of its subsidiaries and to all employees, including officers and directors of those companies.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the terms of this Code please contact the Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Duluth, Georgia also referred to as AGCO's Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer under this Code. Telephone contact details: 001-770-232-8276. Facsimile contact details: 001-770-813-6599. Email contact details:

Click here for a PDF of AGCO's Global Code of Conduct.