AGCO Academy

AGCO’s frequent advances in technology and design require regular training updates. The AGCO Academy provides coursework and training to our network of independent dealers, through the latest technological training techniques and instructor led training.

These customer value based curriculums are divided into seven areas of knowledge, comprising the Schools of the Academy:

  • School of Product Training
  • School of Technical Services Training
  • School of Advanced Technology Solutions Training
  • School of Parts Training
  • School of Dealer Systems Training
  • School of Dealer Management Training
  • School of Finance Training

AGCO Academy’s student and curriculum control system establishes a hierarchical structure for course offerings. This system monitors students’ progress through the progressive levels of training, with recommended coursework based on their responsibilities within the dealership. The combination of these efforts and systems allow the AGCO Academy to monitor, track and verify the continued improvement of our distribution network’s knowledge base in support of our customers around the world.

The aim of AGCO Academy is to continue developing the highly skilled, knowledgeable and motivated teams of AGCO and its distribution partners, guaranteeing the latest business practices are easily adopted so customers’ expectations are satisfied.


AGCO Academy was recognized with an Apex Award for Publication Excellence in the category of Education and Training for their "Introduction to Combines" eLearning course.  Apex Awards are judged by the editors of "Writing that Works: The Business Communications Report" and are based on excellence in overall communication effectiveness.