Chairman's Recognition of Excellence

We expect a high level of performance from our employees with a commitment to quality, and innovative approaches that advance our business.

Our annual recognition program, Chairman's Recognition of Excellence, honors employees who have made outstanding contributions to AGCO's growth - by specific actions that drive quality, innovation, change management, sales, customer service excellence, cost reduction and process improvements.

We recognize outstanding employee contributions in these areas:

  • Global Change Management Award
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Quality
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Materials and Purchasing
  • Customer Support & Product Management
  • Administration: Finance/Legal/Human Resources

Regional Innovation Awards

Innovation is a key success factor for AGCO's continued growth and profitability. AGCO is proud of its great product development team that generates unique ideas and help AGCO to develop new or improved products year after year. Apart from this great teamwork there are individual members who contribute with exceptional creativity and innovation. We measure these contributions in terms of patent applications filed by our engineers.