As the world’s largest manufacturer focused purely on agricultural equipment, AGCO is uniquely positioned to increase farm productivity through high-tech solutions for professional farmers feeding the world.

AGCO offers a comprehensive line of tractors, combines, sprayers, implements and hay tools. Each of our trusted brands delivers its own diversity, from ruggedly simple utility machines for part-time farmers, to ingeniously nimble solutions for demanding specialized operations, to jaw-dropping high-horsepower vehicles for today’s professional farm fleets.

We build our equipment to the highest standards of design and manufacturing, and our innovative products continuously receive awards at international exhibitions. Our most coveted recognition, however, is the endorsement of our wide range of products by progressive farmers and successful dealers around the world.

AGCO has a strong global presence and follows the philosophy of manufacturing equipment where our customers are located. With factories around the world and 2,600 independent dealers and distributors in 140 countries, we are well positioned to help feed the world by serving the leading and growing markets for farm equipment.


AGCO's SCR technology, e3™, allows our engines to run more efficiently - optimizing combustion yet reducing polluting particulate matter.

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