Office of Ethics and Compliance

Our commitment to doing the right things for the right reasons is constant. Highly ethical behavior and appropriate business conduct are part of everything we do, every day. One of our greatest competitive assets is our reputation - the TRUST customers, our vendors and suppliers, and our communities place in us. Remember, the best thing you can do when you face an ethical situation is to ASK for help. We TRUST you to speak up!

We are also committed to handling crisis situations in a thorough and timely manner and in compliance of all laws and regulations.  In the event there is a crisis, or if you have any questions regarding Ethics and Compliance at AGCO, you can reach us. There are several ways:

The AGCO Crisis & Ethics Line for employees is as follows:
Argentina 0800-666-1596
Australia 800-42-2614
Brazil 0800-891-4045
Canada 866-680-3083
China 10-800-711-0775 or
Denmark 80-883496
Finland 0800-1-19069
France 0800-90-5440
Germany 0800-182-4842
Italy 800-787258
Mexico 001-866-838-4504 or
Netherland 0800-022-4643
Norway 800-18836
Russia +1-877-861-6684
Spain 900-97-1004
Sweden 020-790222
U.K. 0800-028-1837
U.S. 1-866-680-3083

Ask for advice or report an ethical situation.

If you wish to bypass company management, ask about the facility for submitting a report to the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

AGCO E-mail

You can send an e-mail message to You will find this on the global listing in Outlook.

The AGCO Intranet

AGCO employees have additional resources available to them via the AGCO Ethics and Compliance intranet site. This site is available by clicking on the Ethics icon.

Call the AGCO Ethics Line to ask advice on or report suspected violations related to:

  • Equal Opportunity
  • Insider Trading
  • Health and Safety
  • Privacy of Communications
  • The Environment
  • Computer Systems
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Harassment-Free Workplace
  • Fair Competition
  • Anonymous Submissions

If you submit a question/comment on the internet, you can remain anonymous, unless your e-mail address contains self-identifying information.

If you call your country’s designated AGCO Ethics Line, you can also remain anonymous.

However, information that involves a threat to life and/or property, illegal activities, or legal action against the Company may require action that does not allow for complete anonymity.

Don't Be Afraid

To ask.

Ethical questions are by nature difficult, and it can be hard to ask for clarification on a sensitive subject or report a suspected violation. However, please don’t be afraid to call; the impact and risk to customers, employees and the company are too great to ignore.

Of Confidentiality

We are sensitive to the need for confidentiality. Obviously, however, information that involves a threat to life and property, illegal activities, or legal action against the Company may require action that does not allow for complete anonymity.

It’s not a valid issue.

When it comes to ethical situations, there is no such thing as a dumb question. It is vital that any potential problem or concern be reviewed as soon as possible to prevent major issues from developing in the future. Remember, the important thing is to ASK.