Turning AGCO’s Vision for Africa into Action

AGCO is committed to transforming agriculture in Africa.

Food security has never been so profoundly challenged. In 2050, it is projected that the global population will rise to more than 9 billion people. Africa lies at the heart of what promises to be a new Agricultural Revolution and holds the key to ensuring a sustainable food supply, but only if a new roadmap for progress is developed, harnessing both the expertise of the private industry sector and the knowledge of local communities.

The establishment of manufacturing, distribution and support centers within important growth markets like Africa puts AGCO is a solid position to help farmers adopt new and more efficient mechanization techniques. By actively driving gains in efficiencies and productivity, AGCO is enabling farmers to better feed growing world populations.

In early 2012, AGCO presented our first Africa Summit, fostering our vision of “farmers feeding the world.” The Summit focused on how the available land in Africa could be used to feed a growing global population, leading to a commitment by delegates to bring technology and new techniques to African farmers.

As part of this commitment, AGCO has created and launched a Global Learning Center and adjacent Future Farm in Zambia, where farmers are trained in mechanization techniques, equipment operation and agronomy. The facility is also used for training AGCO’s African distributors and dealers in all areas of their business to support our growth throughout Africa.

In order to further enhance our presence in Africa, AGCO formed a new joint venture with the Algerian government for the manufacture of tractors for the local domestic market. Also, AGCO and our South African distribution partner, Barloworld, opened a state-of-the-art African Master Parts Distribution Center in Johannesburg, South Africa recently.

AGCO proudly reported of what we have achieved over the past year during the second annual Africa Summit earlier this year.  We continue to turn our vision into reality. We all have the responsibility to invest in a sustainable manner and to create long-term solutions. Together we can transform agriculture in Africa.