Doing the work of 10 tractors with two from Challenger

AGCO transforms a large old-style tractor fleet in order to boost productivity on a 123,000 acre farming operation in northern Kazakhstan.

When the great wheat-growing regions of the world are listed, Kazakhstan does not immediately come to mind, yet this former Soviet bloc country is among the top ten wheat exporters in the world. In fact, at the beginning of the twentieth century, Russia was the largest grain exporting nation in the world.

Today, new companies like Grand LLP, a successful farming and agricultural processing operation in northern Kazakhstan, have been breaking up and reforming the old Soviet era collective farms in order to bring huge tracts of land (more than 123,000 acres  or 50,000 hectares into production - tracts that can leverage today's modern economies of scale. It's here that AGCO's Challenger brand plays an instrumental role in Kazakhstan's agricultural transformation.

Challenger is helping to significantly improve efficiency - from planting to harvesting. When the business first started, it employed a large fleet of equipment from the Soviet Union. "Times change, and we needed to invest in more efficient machinery," says Emeliano Andrey Vyacheslavovich, Director General of Grand LLP. "Our choice was based on quality and price, and Challenger has satisfied those parameters."

Productivity is critical when it comes to competing in global markets. Vyacheslavovich replaced ten traditional wheeled tractors with just two Challenger MT865B tracked tractors. "We found the Challenger MT865B track tractor to be the best on the market. Each Challenger replaces five older Soviet tractors" he explains.

Harvesting productivity has also been streamlined using eight Challenger combine harvesters (five 660 rotary models and three 643 strawwalker machines). With 200 pieces of older-model Soviet equipment still employed in the fleet, prospects look promising for Grand LLP to make continued productivity improvements in the future.